Jawun, a small not for profit organisation, forms partnerships to benefit both corporate and Indigenous Australia.

LBG members NAB, Wesfarmers and Woodside Energy, alongside others, support employees on five week secondments. These skilled resources assist Indigenous organisations with economic and social development projects focused on capacity building and improving access to education, housing and employment.

Jawun acts as the broker to ensure effective matches whilst providing induction, cultural awareness support and guidance throughout. Secondees develop as leaders by being challenged to operate outside their comfort zone with limited access to resources and support. The Jawun program is an important part of LBG members’ broader strategies to engage with Indigenous communities.

NAB’s Daphne Bouzis worked on a three year marketing plan with Waringarri Aboriginal Arts. “The real value was working with local Aboriginal people and hearing their stories, their perspectives, challenges, frustrations, joys and visions for the future.” said Daphne.

Inputs by LBG members in 2012

  • Cash: $266,000
  • Time valued at: $189,000
  • Total investment: $455,000

Outputs & Impacts

Sarah Moderdoundt from Woodside Energy worked with the Cape York Land Council to develop a business plan. “I started at Woodside as a graduate so had limited experience working for small organisations. Finding people prepared to live in an area as remote as Kowanyama is hard enough. Finding staff with the right skill set and knowledge can be almost impossible.”

LBG members have seconded well over 100 employees via Jawun to many different indigenous community organisations, with more planned for 2013.

Of this corporate investment, Karyn Baylis, CEO of Jawun said, “We aim to improve the lives of Indigenous people by building capabilities which enable empowerment and self-determination. The Jawun model is predicated on a ‘true partnership’ between corporate, government and Indigenous stakeholders which involves mutual benefits and responsibilities.”

The Jawun partnership is an example of a strategic community investment captured and reported using LBG methodology.

"The program encourages education and social inclusion and provides real two-way learning experiences of value to the community and the 49 employees we have seconded so far. It is another step towards achieving goals outlined in our Reconciliation Action Plan." - Clare Desira, Manager of NAB's Employee Volunteering