Origin Foundation supports Youth Off The Streets with skilled volunteering and financial support

Origin Foundation's financial contribution to Youth Off The Streets supports:

  • The National Scholarship Program - supporting young people who show the potential and desire to further their talents, but who, without assistance, would struggle to move forward;
  • The Dollars for Scholars Program - maximising opportunities open to young people in the Step Up program who have completed Year 10 and/or older students who need further opportunities to gain Year 11 Certificate of Attainment, workplace skills and TAFE qualifications.

Aside from financial support, Origin employees have also volunteered their time to support Youth Off The Streets by facilitating a review of internal operational processes, helping them to identify gaps, issues or risks, and proposing strategies to address each and increase efficiency.

An Origin employee volunteered their time to facilitate a workshop at Youth Off The Streets, engaging all relevant stakeholders in the review and providing an opportunity to step back from day to day operations and critically analyse the areas that presented opportunities for improvement.

As a result of the review, Youth off the Streets has been able to lodge a greater number of funding applications and obtain more financial support. This means they are able to increase the reach of their programs which address issues of youth homelessness, limited access to education, alcohol and drug issues and community outreach.


  • Cash: $200,000 over 3 years
  • Time valued at: $4,380
  • Advertising for Youth Off The Streets in The Big Issue worth: $2,490
  • Total investment to date: $206,870

Outputs & Impacts

  • Leverage (facilitated third party contributions): $1,820 in donations from Origin employees through workplace giving

Access to skilled volunteers through this partnership has helped increase the capacity of Youth Off The Streets as an organisation by:

  • Decreasing the time required to complete the funding approval process by 50% (from ten days to five) 
  • Supporting a more efficient use of time – saving five hours per week for Service Managers by automating a portion of the internal funding approval process
  • Increasing the team's knowledge about process improvement
  • Creating an agreed and documented processes to use when training new team members
  • Increasing the awareness and engagement of senior management about the current funding approval process
  • Decreasing the time Grant writers require by 10%-15%, allowing them to engage more with stakeholders and gain a greater understanding of the organisation's requirements. This has resulted in higher quality grant writing, increasing the likelihood of success
  • Increasing management satisfaction by providing them with greater transparency in a shorter timeframe


“Partnering with the Origin Foundation has been valuable for more than the financial support to fund our programs. Accessing their skilled volunteers has meant that we were able to have a workshop facilitated in-house by an Origin employee, the outcomes from the workshop were immediately valuable and we have adopted the methodology developed in that session across the business to streamline funding decisions and allocations.”

Guy Cuthbertson. Account Manager, Youth Off The Streets