Calling the Shots on Impact


It is estimated that well over $40b (USD) is spent by companies on sports sponsorship annually.

Sport is at the heart of communities, and sponsors are the lifeblood of sport.

In today’s world, sponsors need to see a return on their investment beyond basic advertising exposure or association with a winning team; they want to play a positive role in communities. The challenge is to work out just how businesses can maximise the value of their sponsorship, how sports organisations can provide sponsors with more meaningful partnerships and how this can all be backed up.

The answer is to better understand the impacts of the sponsorship on the business and the community, which in turn raises the performance and builds deeper connections with key stakeholders. This is exactly what LBG is doing under the Calling the Shots on Impact initiative. 

Using the LBG social impact methodology, LBG is working with members of the sports sector, sponsors and community partners to clarify the strategic intent and identify specific business and community indicators that can be assessed over time.

Having a clear understanding of the intended impacts for businesses and for the community is the key. Which is why LBG can work with key partners and stakeholders to define a set of core indicators for sports clubs and sponsors that can be used to guide planning around the social impacts they are looking to generate and receive feedback on through their sponsorship agreement.

For more information on Calling the Shots on Impact contact Simon Robinson. Download a copy of Corporate Citizenship’s paper Calling the Shots on Impact.