Get ready for Workplace Giving Month!

The team at 1million donors have put together the following plan to help give your workplace giving program, the boost it needs:

1) Evaluate

  • What is the current participation rate?

  • What is the target? (We suggest a base rate of 15% or increase of 30%)

  • Are there barriers to success? How can they be overcome?


2) Develop a budget

  • Cost-effective ideas include emails, intranet and posters


3) Create a plan that includes:

  • Leadership endorsement

  • How charities have used donations

  • Asking employees to sign-up or increase their donation. Be inspired by these ideas.


4) Engage stakeholders

  • Create a network of ‘champions’ throughout the business.

  • Also brief Payroll so they are prepared for sign-ups, donation increases and, importantly, tracking results.


5) Measure your results

  • Monitor your participation rates, amounts pledged and staff feedback.


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