Getting to know the LBG Steering Group - Susan Mizrahi

susan-mizrahi.pngName: Susan Mizrahi

Position: Head of Corporate Responsibility, Australia Post

How long have you been an LBG member? 8 Years.

Describe your job in one sentence: I’m responsible for the Australia Post Group’s corporate social responsibility strategy, which includes overseeing shared value innovations, sustainability reporting and communications, employee and stakeholder engagement, and establishing a social impact measurement framework.

Career highlight to date? Successfully lobbying the U.S. Congress to award the Dalai Lama the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honour, their highest civilian recognition. That and deliberately transitioning my career across sectors and industries, believing that to address the world’s challenges we need to better appreciate different ways of thinking, create new methodologies, and cross-pollinate our traditional networks.

Three things you can't live without: My passport, jazz music and the dharma.

What's on your bucket list? The Angkor Wat half marathon, rock-climbing in Yosemite, buying that house by the sea, and later retiring in New York City.

What is the last book you read? A Little Life, although it’s a very big book!

What do you feel most passionate about? The right to self-determination – the belief that both individuals and races should determine their own political status and be free to advance their economic, social and cultural development. I’m passionate about this principle whether you’re talking about women, children or groups of people, such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders or Tibetans.

Advice for new LBG members: Don’t be put off by acronyms or spreadsheets. Having detailed data about your community investments can help you make more strategic investment decisions and meaningfully demonstrate your impacts.