Getting to know the LBG team


Name: Mike Tuffrey

Position: Co-founding Director, LBG & Corporate Citizenship

Describe your job in one sentence: As a founding director of Corporate Citizenship, I continue to lead the development of LBG, and it’s been my privilege to work for two decades with great companies as they develop their strategies for responsible and sustainable business.

What did you do before founding Corporate Citizenship? I was a director of a national community regeneration agency. An economics graduate, I am a chartered accountant by profession, having qualified with KPMG. I’ve also had a public service career in local government and national policy making. Previously a member of the London Sustainable Development Commission, I’m currently treasurer of the New Economics Foundation, advisor to Green Alliance and trustee of The Restart Project.

Who are some of your clients? My client relationships have included Barclays, Ford India, HSBC, Mars, MolsonCoors, SABMiller and – longest standing of all - Unilever.

Are you working on any special projects? I remain founding editor of Corporate Citizenship Briefing, having created the publication back in 1991 (which must be something of a record).

Who do you most admire? Family & loved ones aside, it's a few selfless people I've met down the years who give remarkable service to their local communities, not for glory or praise but simply because they are needed.

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