How to demonstrate the value of sustainable business to investors

sustainable_business_website.jpgCorporate responsibility (CR) has grown at a rapid pace in the past two decades. More companies are taking action and reporting on their social, environmental and economic performance. Investors are also beginning to pay increasing attention to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

However, there is a disconnect. CR professionals are often unaware of how the ESG information they disclose is used by their investors, what kind of ESG information investors are actually looking for and ultimately which ESG factors they then incorporate into their decision making processes. This misalignment is hindering both investor engagement with long-term value creation and the integration of CR issues into corporate strategy.

Corporate Citizenship in association with S&P Dow Jones Indices, has released a report which looks at how to bridge the gap between Investor Relations and Corporate Responsibility teams. It outlines the key barriers to long-term business thinking, explores how to demonstrate the value of sustainable business to investors and provides practical steps to facilitate collaboration between Investor Relations and CR professionals.

To find out more, download a copy of the report

The report is the first instalment of Corporate Citizenship’s Long-Term Value Project. If you would like more information on the project please get in touch.