How NFPs can attract corporate investment


LBG Australia and New Zealand Director, Simon Robinson, recently spoke at Criterion’s Not-For-Profits & Corporate Partnerships conference on the topic “What you can do to help corporates invest in you?”

Simon spoke about the LBG model and how corporates are increasingly looking to track their community investments and measure the impact. Community investment for major corporates should be strategic and aligned to organisational objectives and values, and increasingly this is the case.  Any NFP organisation that is looking to partner with a corporate will be at an advantage if it can implement and demonstrate a number of key principles.

A good first step is to understand the principles and methodology of the LBG framework. Even non-members will commonly utilise many of the standards set by LBG so it can be beneficial to proactively consider and capture the sort of data required by the LBG methodology.

NFPs should also consider their own strategic objectives and how they align with those of potential corporate partners.  An ability to demonstrate shared objectives will put an NFP in good stead for potential partnerships.

NFPs should be ‘impact ready’ and show how they will be able to relay the impact (outcomes, not just time/money invested) of any corporate investment back to their partner organisations. LBG offers tools to help partners achieve this.

Finally, NFPs should publically communicate their capacity and willingness to undertake each of these steps through channels such as their website.  This will present a compelling first impression to any corporate proactively seeking a partner.

LBG is currently taking expression of interest from NFPs that would like to join an LBG Community Network that will develop a new measurement and benchmarking process for the community sector. Contact us if you would like further information.