Introducing the new LBG Chair Susan Mizrahi

susan-mizrahi.pngWe are delighted to announce the appointment of Ms Susan Mizrahi as the new Chair of the LBG Steering Committee for Australia and New Zealand.

Susan is the Head of Corporate Responsibility at Australia Post, and brings significant experience to the position including roles in CSR strategy, communications, human rights advocacy and extensive experience working in Corporate Community Investment (CCI).

In taking on the role, Susan said her immediate plans are to focus on social procurement, encouraging members to better measure their impacts and better global alignment of local CCI activity.

Susan said, “I am excited to take on this new challenge as Chair of LBG in Australia and New Zealand. I am a big advocate for the value that LBG offers corporates, and certainly within my own organisation it serves an important function particularly in demonstrating the relationship between corporates and non-profits and ensuring a more strategic approach to CCI.

Acknowledging it is a challenging time for the industry, Susan said that some of the key issues for LBG members included the changing nature of the industry, how to work together to help solve environmental and social issues, managing the large number of non-profit organisations seeking support and the issues around measuring impact.

Susan is looking forward to the LBG Conference in November and the opportunity it brings to learn from other members about the really good work that is currently happening in Australia and New Zealand.

The highlight of last year’s conference for me was the great case studies from my fellow peers and the chance to spend time together. We often work in small teams and with limited resources so spending time together is extremely important. It is only when companies rally together that we will really be able to see major impact on some of the biggest issues.

Simon J Robinson, Director, LBG Australia and New Zealand says, “We are delighted that Susan has been appointed as the new Chair of the LBG Steering Committee. Susan brings a wealth of knowledge as well as a genuine passion for her work. I am excited, as I know the Steering Group are, to work alongside Susan, particularly in a time when our industry is evolving significantly.

Our focus is very much on the future and the next ten years, and Susan’s forward thinking will align strongly with how we want to evolve the membership. I love that Susan is already questioning whether the name ‘LBG’ should remain or if we need to consider a rebrand.” 

We would also like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to outgoing Chair of the Steering Committee, Rita Marigliani from Medibank. 

Simon says, “Rita has been a formidable leader for LBG for the past 3 years and I thank her for her significant contribution. Rita steered the membership through the most significant period of change in 2016 as we transitioned to Corporate Citizenship and has remained a strong and resilient advocate for LBG throughout.