The Latest Trends and Research in CCI Roadshow Concludes



The LBG roadshow concluded last week, with the final event in a series to share the latest trends and research in corporate community investment (CCI). Building on the momentum of presentations in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth, the last one took place in Melbourne.  

The roadshow launched LBG’s 10th Anniversary in the Australia & New Zealand region, and provided an overview of some of the key observations and trends in CCI over the last decade, as well as highlighting recent research that builds the case for more effective measurement and reporting of CCI. Trends in workplace giving were also shared and findings from a new report by QUT that tangibly link corporate philanthropy with reputation and shareholder value were presented.

The events provoked interesting discussion amongst attendees, and various challenges were discussed by peers in relation to their CCI programs. Questions such as “how can a company communicate their CCI without it being a drum-beating exercise”, raised debate, and further dialogue continued around the issue of disclosure, and the need for greater levels of public reporting across the corporate sector.

Feedback from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive, and LBG would like to thank JLL for hosting the Sydney event, Wesfarmers for hosting in Perth and Australia Post for hosting in Melbourne.