Global LBG data reveals similar challenges for companies in Australia & New Zealand


The results from the global LBG Annual Review reveal that in 2015/16 LBG members globally contributed US $3.3 billion to community and philanthropic investments, reaching 65 million beneficiaries worldwide.

The review also highlights key trends emerging globally amongst LBG member companies including:

Strategic alignment: the majority of resources contributed by LBG companies now centre on a discrete number of larger-scale, longer-term projects run in partnership with community organisations with mutually agreed objectives.

79% of contributions made by LBG member companies supported strategic community investment projects and commercial initiatives in the community – compared to just 38% in 2007 – as LBG member companies are thinking seriously about the causes and issues that are of most relevance to their businesses.

Greater focus on impact: LBG member companies are measuring the change and impact they generate through their activities. Using LBG’s framework they are able to measure the changes experienced by the people reached by their contributions. 32% of beneficiaries experience a positive change in behaviour, 31% develop new skills and 24% improve their quality of life.

Employee engagement: Companies are getting better at mobilising their employees for community benefit and realising a real return to the business as a result. 600,000 employees of LBG member companies actively participated in voluntary activity. Where measured; 41% improved their job-related skills, 58% improved their personal impact (self-confidence etc.) and 59% made positive changes in behaviour as a result.

LBG Director, Australia and New Zealand Simon Robinson says, “The global findings are consistent with our local results and outcomes, particularly with the focus being on impact.”

“We still have much work to do as there remains a gap when we consider the overall contributions as a percentage of pre-tax profit, for example between companies in our region and those investing elsewhere.”

A full copy of the global LBG Annual Review can be downloaded here.