LBG launches new program for non-profits


LBG has launched a new program - LBG for Community, to support non-profits with corporate-community partnership reporting, impact measurement and strategic partnership development.

The program will be delivered via a webinar series from July to October 2017. Participants will be introduced to the LBG for Community data collection tool, a simple input, output, impact framework for non-profits to use in reporting back to their corporate partners.

The tool was refined following a pilot project with 18 community organisations in 2016, including The Smith Family, The Benevolent Society, Cancer Council Australia and Plunket NZ. The revised tool now incorporates LBG’s social impact methodology, and also contains a new set of guiding principles for practitioners across non-profit and corporate sectors responsible for negotiating impact measurement, reporting and partnerships. 

Organisations who sign up to the program in 2017 can nominate up to 3 people to participate. Upon completion, participants will be recognised as LBG Certified Community Partners, and be invited to attend the LBG Annual Conference free of charge.

Corporate partners may wish to consider building the capacity of their community partners.

Those interested in participating are encouraged to contact Simon Robinson for further details.