Plenary key note speaker: Morgana Ryan


LBG is thrilled to announce Morgana Ryan as a key note speaker at this year’s members’ Plenary. Morgana Ryan is an Australian author and thought leader on the role of business in community development. She has over 17 years’ national and international experience with organisations across the private, public and development sectors, including some of Australia’s largest corporations.

Morgana’s recent book, Building a Better International NGO, was written with co-author James Cowley after they spent time working with some of the largest International NGOs and felt there was a gap in International NGO strategy and structure thought leadership. Morgana and James’s book hopes to address that gap.

Morgana will speak about her knowledge and learnings from her diverse professional experience and the leaders she has worked with. In particular she will provide insights from a study she undertook in 2012 that highlighted the tangible benefits to be gained by businesses undertaking activities that have both a social impact and also ensure the success and sustainability of the business.

Morgana joins other guest speakers for the day including Helen Steel, CEO, Shared Value Project and Julia Leske, Senior Analyst, Corporate Analysis. Enhanced Responsibility (CAER).

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