2013 WA Corporate Giving Index Results


Front Row: Kevin MacDonald, Tonya McCusker, John Poynton. Middle row: Fiona Gardener, Trisha Comerford, John Poulsen, Carrie Clark, Michael McNulty, Michelle Phillips. Back row: Leah Pearson, Tom Watkin, Kevin Smout, Justin Carroll, Geoff Rasmussen, Josh Horneman. Picture by Ben Crabtree.

The WA Corporate Giving Index, developed by Giving West in collaboration with LBG Australia & New Zealand (LBG), has released its second year of findings and results.

16 WA based corporations participated in the index this year, building on the inaugural group of 7 in 2012. Results indicate companies in the west are contributing a higher proportion of pre-tax profit with an average of 1.71% compared to the national LBG average of 0.59%.

LBG members involved in the index include Woodside Energy, Atlas Iron, iiNet and West Coast Eagles. Simon J. Robinson, LBG Director said, "The WA Giving Index really harnesses the significant commitment and contribution being made to the community by companies in the west. We look forward to building on the data captured by offering participants access to LBG's ground breaking social impact measurement study in 2014".

Nationally, corporate giving has risen by 16% with over $237 million contributed to the community this year, according to LBG's Annual Review released last month. The report also demonstrates a growing trend towards investment in long-term community initiatives rather than one-off donations. 56% of all contributions were towards long-term projects, up from 53% in 2012 and 47% in 2011.

Kevin MacDonald, CEO of Giving West said, "WA corporates are taking up the challenge to make a lasting impact on WA, with more structured programs supporting the growth and sustainability of community organisations".

"Businesses are creating Foundations and Grants programs to better manage their project support. They are creating more structured long term partnerships with community organisations that align with their company mission".

The index is a starting point for growing community investment measurement and reporting, providing WA businesses an opportunity to showcase good giving, highlighting giving statistics and programs to encourage others to participate.

Details of the index have been published in the West Australian. Download a copy of the full report here.