Welcome from LBG Director, Simon J. Robinson


I am delighted to welcome our readers to the first edition of ‘LBG News’ – a new exclusive e-newsletter for LBG members and key stakeholders full of important updates from the LBG team and insights into local and international trends in corporate community investment.

We have a bumper first issue for you as we head towards the LBG Annual Conference where we will release the reporting results for 2016 and results from the ‘State of CCI 2016’ survey.

I have a few updates from the LBG team as we get into our busiest time of the year.

We have appointed Sally Tyrell as Communications Manager who will work with our team to provide ongoing communications support. Sally’s role will be to devise and deliver a strategic communications plan to help raise awareness and understanding of LBG and the critical role we play in measuring corporate community investment in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Jennifer and I are heading to my homeland the United Kingdom in September to meet with our international colleagues from Corporate Citizenship. This rare opportunity will allow us knowledge transfer of the latest initiatives that Corporate Citizenship have on offer, along with face-to-face meetings to discuss the future direction of LBG data management, processes and guidance notes. I look forward to providing you with an update in the next issue.

I’d like to welcome new members to the LBG group including CUA, Brisbane Airport, Clubs NSW and Payce Consolidated Limited. We look forward to working with and getting to know our new members.

Finally, I am interested in your feedback on the first newsletter and would love to hear on the types of news you would like to see included. Please feel free to email me directly via simon.robinson@corporate-citizenship.com with any feedback.

Simon J Robinson

LBG Director