Workplace Giving Month ’Toward one million donors’

June is ‘workplace giving month’ and the Australian Charities Fund (ACF) is calling on Australian businesses to help facilitate greater workplace giving this end of financial year.  The ACF, among others, works with employers to establish programs that allow employees to donate to charities via pre-tax payroll deductions.  The ACF hopes to see one million Australians giving to charity through their workplace by 2020.  Employers can lead the way by offering to match employee donations or by donating a set amount.

Some of Australia’s leading organisations and LBG members such as ANZ, Australia Post, CSL, NAB and Optus have already established workplace giving programs.  While it is estimated that around 3000 workplaces nation-wide offer some form of workplace giving program,  this is only a small portion of the possible field.

Workplace giving programs can provide a range of benefits, including improved levels of employee engagement, positive community partnerships and improved means of impact reporting.  The ACF actively works with its partner charities to help them communicate the impact of workplace donations back to their supporters, creating a more transparent and meaningful relationship between the two.

The program also helps money to go further as payroll donations are sent as a lump sum, reducing charities’ administration costs of processing many smaller donations.

The ACF currently has 60 workplaces registered for Workplace Giving Month 2014 but is hoping to grow this number.  Workplaces can register for Workplace Giving Month and access free resources on the ACF website.