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LBG is the global standard for measuring and benchmarking corporate community investment.

The LBG model provides a comprehensive and consistent set of measures for corporate community investment professionals to determine their organisation’s contribution to the community, including cash, time and in-kind donations, as well as management costs. The model also captures the outputs and longer-term impacts of community investment projects on society and the business itself.

  • THE LBG MODEL EXPLAINED arrow-head-down.png
    • INPUTS arrow-head-down.png
      • HOW
          • Cash spent on donations, matched employee giving, cause related donations etc
          • Cost of employee time spent volunteering in the community during company time
          • In-kind products, services and facilities valued at the cost to the company
          • Management costs associated with running a company’s community program
      • WHY
        • The motivation for the contribution:
          • Charitable donations - Intermittent support to a wide range of good causes in response to the needs and appeals of charitable and community organisations
          • Community investment - Longer term involvement in community partnerships to address a limited range of social issues chosen by the company in order to protect its long-term corporate interest and to enhance its reputation
          • Commercial initiatives - Commercial activities, usually by departments outside the community function, to support directly the success of the company, promoting its corporate brand identity/ies and other policies, in partnership with not for profits
      • WHERE
        • The geographic spread of contributions (not benchmarked)
      • WHAT
        • The areas of the community the contribution supports:
          • Education & Young People
          • Health
          • Economic Development
          • Environment
          • Arts & Culture
          • Social Welfare
          • Emergency Relief
    • OUTPUTS arrow-head-down.png
        • Quantifiable data on the product or services delivered during a project, ‘what did our investment pay for?’
          e.g. numbers people trained, trees planted, etc
      • LEVERAGE
        • Facilitated third party contributions, “what additional resources were attracted to this activity or project as a direct result of our initiative or participation?”
        • Quantifiable data relating to the business ‘can we count what the business got back?’ e.g. employees engaged, press coverage, etc
    • IMPACTS arrow-head-down.png
        • The measurable change that happens as a result of the investment and the longer-term benefit to the wider community. How beneficiaries are better off:
          • Eg. For individuals: skills/personal development, behavioural change, quality of life
          • Eg. For community organisations: new/improved services, wider outreach, raised profile
        • The measurable change that happens as a result of the investment and the longer-term benefit to the business and its link to the company strategy. How the company is better off:
          • Eg. Employee development, employee satisfaction, brand awareness, enhanced reputation


Better Business, Better World - New report

Better Business, Better World - New report

The Business and Sustainable Development Commission has released a new report: Better Business, Better World following research into the impact on businesses that achieve the 17 UN sustainable development goals.

Despite significant progress over the last 30 years globally, in health and technology, the report highlights failure in today’s markets and models of development. It finds the next decade to be critical for business leaders in setting strategy that can transform markets, while tackling social and environmental challenges.

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Positive outlook ahead according to The State of CCI results

Positive outlook ahead according to The State of CCI results

The State of Corporate Community Investment survey is designed to provide further insights into the results from the Annual LBG Benchmarking Report. The survey asks corporate community investment professionals from across Australia and New Zealand to share their thoughts, aspirations and plans for the future.

The results of the 2016 State of Corporate Community Investment Survey were released alongside the benchmarking report at this year’s annual conference.

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LBG global data reveals similar changes for companies

LBG global data reveals similar changes for companies

The results from the global LBG Annual Review reveals that in 2015/16 LBG members globally contributed US $3.3 billion to community and philanthropic investments, reaching 65 million beneficiaries worldwide. 

The review also reveals key trends emerging globally amongst LBG member companies including strategic alignment, greater focus on impact, and employee engagement. 

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