This month we unveil our new LBG for Community program. Kicking off in July this year, LBG for Community will support non-profit organisations with best practice corporate-community partnership reporting, impact measurement and strategic partnership development.

I am also delighted to welcome Frasers Property to LBG as our newest member. Frasers, one of Australia’s leading diversified property groups, has just launched an invitation for expressions of inspiration from Australian not-for-profits. The company is seeking a significant partnership to make a real and measurable difference in the area of physical and mental wellbeing.

Next week we are hosting a free webinar in collaboration with RobecoSAM to provide insight into the value of responding to RobecoSAM's Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA). The webinar will be of interest both to companies that already respond to CSA and to new companies. Get the answers to your questions! Register to attend.

LBG will be in New Zealand in the next few weeks visiting both Auckland and Wellington. If you’re based there and would value some time to meet about any of our work do please let us know and we’ll make sure we work some time into our itinerary.

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sustainable_business_website.jpgCorporate Citizenship in association with S&P Dow Jones Indices, has released a report which looks at how to bridge the gap between Investor Relations and Corporate Responsibility teams.

It outlines the key barriers to long-term business thinking, explores how to demonstrate the value of sustainable business to investors and provides practical steps to facilitate collaboration between Investor Relations and Corporate Responsibility professionals.

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LBG_for_C_website.pngLBG has launched a new program - LBG for Community, to support non-profits with corporate-community partnership reporting, impact measurement and strategic partnership development. 

The program will be delivered via a webinar series from July to October 2017. 

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A new set of specialist sustainability rankings are due to arrive on the scene in 2017.

As Corporate Citizenship’s research shows, the wide array of rankings, ratings and indices that companies are confronted with can often seem overwhelming.

Charlie Ashford, from Corporate Citizenship’s London Office discusses what to watch out for in 2017.

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Sport is at the heart of communities, and sponsors are the lifeblood of sport. In today’s world, sponsors need to see a return on their investment beyond basic advertising exposure or association with a winning team; they want to play a positive role in communities.

The challenge is to work out just how businesses can maximise the value of their sponsorship, how sports organisations can provide sponsors with more meaningful partnerships and how this can all be backed up.

The answer is to better understand the impacts of the sponsorship on the business and the community, which in turn raises the performance and builds deeper connections with key stakeholders. This is exactly what LBG is doing under the Calling the Shots on Impact initiative. Read more


Corporate Citizenship recently conducted a global survey of corporate foundations from more than 20 countries. With over 100 responses, the survey found that change is afoot. Many Foundations are upping their game and embracing some truly innovative strategies.

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Name: Jeffrey Oatham

Position: Director of LBG, Corporate Citizenship London

When did you join the LBG/Corporate Citizenship team?  I joined in November 2016, but thankfully not the ‘newest’ team member anymore.

Describe your job in one sentence: I lead the growth and development the LBG model and network globally.

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Happy new year and welcome to our first newsletter for 2017.

This month I'm delighted to welcome QIC and Geelong Football Club as LBG's newest members. Our colleagues at LBG UK also recently welcomed Generali Group, the world's third largest insurance group headquartered in Italy. They join over 200 companies who use LBG to measure and report their contributions to the community. 

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Name: Tara James

Position: Senior Consultant, Corporate Citizenship

When did you join the LBG/Corporate Citizenship team? Originally in 2010 in London, and was with the team for around three years. As of January 2017, I’m excited to be re-joining, though this time here in Australia! In between, I worked with Royal Mail Group through their privatisation, moved back to Australia, and had a baby girl (who is somehow now a toddler…).

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The Business and Sustainable Development Commission has released a new report: Better Business, Better World following research into the impact on businesses that achieve the 17 UN sustainable development goals.

Despite significant progress over the last 30 years globally, in health and technology, the report highlights failure in today’s markets and models of development. It finds the next decade to be critical for business leaders in setting strategy that can transform markets, while tackling social and environmental challenges.

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The State of Corporate Community Investment survey is designed to provide further insights into the results from the Annual LBG Benchmarking Report. The survey asks corporate community investment professionals from across Australia and New Zealand to share their thoughts, aspirations and plans for the future.

The results of the 2016 State of Corporate Community Investment Survey were released alongside the benchmarking report at this year’s annual conference.

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The results from the global LBG Annual Review reveal that in 2015/16 LBG members globally contributed US $3.3 billion to community and philanthropic investments, reaching 65 million beneficiaries worldwide. 

The review also highlights key trends emerging globally amongst LBG member companies including strategic alignment, greater focus on impact, and employee engagement. 

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One of the key challenges facing corporate Australia and New Zealand (and corporate organisations world-wide) is an increased sense of scepticism and cynicism from the general public.  It is fair to say that many believe corporates are simply in business to make money and any investment in corporate community investment is simply a ploy to improve their bottom line. 

Co-founder of LBG and Corporate Citizenship UK, Mike Tuffrey presented a series of talks during his recent visit to Australia tackling the challenge for corporates: ‘Keeping it real – maintaining authenticity in a fast moving world’, and posed an interesting challenge to the audience. Read more

Article_two_-_results_image.pngThe results of the eleventh Annual LBG Benchmarking Report were unveiled at the 2016 LBG Conference in Melbourne on 15 November.

100 per cent of reporting members provided data on the outputs of their organisation’s community investment activity for the year which includes total beneficiaries, supported organisations, employees involved, leverage and foregone revenue.

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Name: Sara Parrott

Position: Executive Manager, Corporate Responsibility, Suncorp Group

How long have you been an LBG member? I’ve been involved in LBG for about 13 years, since I first got involved in community investment when I established the EY Australia Foundation in 2003.

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  • In 2016 our members contributed $236M to the community and 0.14% of total revenue on average


  • LBG members have
    an average of
    4 full time staff
    members dedicated
    to community
    investment activities

  • LBG members on average contributed 0.56% of pre-tax profit to the community in 2016

  • In 2016 our members contributed $831 per employee on average

  • Employee time made up 10% of contributions by our members in 2016

  • Social Welfare causes received the majority of member contributions in 2016

  • In 2016 on average 11 hours per employee was contributed to the community


  • Jawun.jpgLBG members NAB, Woodside Energy & Wesfarmers support employees on five week secondments assisting Indigenous organisations with economic and social development projects.

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  • ANZ_case_study.jpg "Seeds of Renewal" is a grants program, supported by ANZ, which aims to contribute to building thriving communities in regional Australia.

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  • TUK.pngDatacom helps make the internet safer for kids through ThinkUKnow, an internet safety program delivering interactive training to parents, carers and teachers.

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  • Essendon_EFC_Dyson_Heppell_and_Friends.jpgThe Essendon Football Club aims to strengthen communities through sport, and a key partnership is with the Tiwi Bombers Football Club located 80 kilometres North of Darwin. 

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  • Heart_Foundation_photo_small.jpgThe Medibank Community Fund and Heart Foundation partnership was born out of a shared 'For Better Health' philosophy to encourage healthy eating, more physical activity and greater community connectedness.

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  • National_Gallery_Ab_art_062.jpgIn 2009, the National Gallery of Australia and Wesfarmers Limited established the Wesfarmers Arts Indigenous Fellowship program 

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  • Optus_casestudy_small.jpgOptus partners with The Smith Family to deliver 'student2student', a unique program that has helped many students to significantly increase their reading skills.

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  • OF_logo_new_white_small.pngOrigin Foundation supports Youth Off The Streets with skilled volunteering and financial support of the The National Scholarship Program and Dollars for Scholars Program. 

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  • Jawun.jpgLBG members Woodside Energy, NAB & Wesfarmers support employees on five week secondments assisting Indigenous organisations with economic and social development projects.

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  • josh_kennedy_kg_small.jpgWest Coast Eagles FC inspires high school students in the Pilbara with "Kicking Goals", a curriculum-based mentoring program in partnership with BHP Billiton and Swan Districts Football Club. 

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