Social Impact Measurment Study - Phase 1 Report Released

LBG & The Centre for Corporate Public Affairs have released a full report on the findings from Phase 1 of a longitudinal study, "Measuring the social impact of corporate community investment".

The report by the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs, is based on analysis, findings and recommendations , on how companies and their corporate community investment management functions, can take the next step to evolve their investments in the community by understanding the social impact of their investments.

The study report represents the work of one year as part of what is hoped will be a four year longitudinal study to develop a robust management process that can be embedded in how corporate community investments are managed – including with community partners – so companies and their stakeholders can understand if those investments are generating a social impact in the community. Eight LBG members participated in the study, including Medibank and Woodside who contributed two case studies each.

LBG and the Centre are now working to secure participation in the study for the next phase due to commence in Q1 2014. In addition to existing companies participating in the study, The Centre and LBG are inviting new participants, including large not-for-profit organisations to join this ground breaking research.

Phase 1 has already generated considerable interest from companies and community partners alike and gained international curiosity. This work truly puts LBG members at the forefront of impact assessment globally. By working as a group the findings are more robust, the outcomes more effective and involvement much more cost effective. Organisations interested in joining this work are encouraged to contact us for further details.

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